Shortcuts can run automatically when you arrive at a location, toggle settings like AirPlane mode, NFC or when you open a specific app.

You can scan a document directly from, it prompts you for a location to safr, and you can select “on this device” and create a folder there!!

Apple has full tutorials online for SwiftUI if you don’t want to wait for any sessions.

Shared AR Experiences

RealityKit simplifies building shared AR experiences by taking on the hard work of networking, such as maintaining a consistent state, optimizing network traffic, handling packet loss, or performing ownership transfers.

Augmented Reality - Reality Composer - Apple Developer

That was super hard to do before.


Beta season, here we come!

Forget Marzipan, SwiftUI is the story of this conference.

I can’t wait to get my hands on ARKit 3 and RealityKit!

I can’t even imagine what one would use that Mac Pro for.

Those gestures still need some work 😄