Hamburg Harbor at Sunset.

I am considering upgrading my Aluminium Series 4 Apple Watch to a Stainless-Steel or Titanium S6. The upgrade isn’t huge, but the new material and the always-on display are tempting…

“Developer relations aren’t the best right now, what could we do about it!”

“How about releasing iOS 14 with”, checks wrist, “23 hours notice?”

– Somebody at Apple Park right now.

Time flies.

Second day of the Places VR Festival. If you are around and want so say Hi, you find us in the underground garage.

Our exhibition and the Places Festival

Zoo Duisburg


Eurasian Lynx

I am ready for some Epic Apple drama. Let’s just hope it results in some change and not just another backroom deal.

The European Court of Justice just ended the Privacy Shield between the EU and the US because of US surveillance laws.

Another reminder that mass surveillance is violating our basic human rights. I just wish that EU governments would remember that.

🌯 Night


Taco, Tortilla or something entirely different ? I am always mixing them up.


Ruhr-University Bochum against the sky

📚☀️ An E-reader with the sun behind the trees

Cheesecake time! 🥧

Cheesecake and blueberries

Enjoying some time outside.

A bumblebee and some flowers

Installing iPadOS 14 on my private iPad.

What could possibly go wrong.
Famous last words

Manton Reece - Introducing plug-ins for

Great to see plug-ins coming to I changed a bunch of things in my custom theme, it might be time to refactor the changes into proper plug-ins and open-source them.

Releasing iOS 14 public beta without the exposure notification framework seems like a bad choice.
It’s the main reason why I didn’t install the dev betas yet on my main device.

I wish developers defining keyboard shortcuts would acknowledge that different keyboard layouts exist.

“Apple approves Hey email app, but the fight’s not over - The Verge”

Not surprising that Apple wants the controversy gone before WWDC kicks off tonight, but none of the fundamental problems of the App Store are resolved by this compromise.

Yeah, my brother’s burgers lived up to the high expectations.

Cheesburger and fries

Veggie Burger

It’s beginning to look a lot like Burger Night.

Who would have thought that a hardware company pushing services to appease Wall Street isn’t great for users.