The HomePod gained (limited) Siri Shortcuts support! Unfortunately it seems like all shortcuts run on the phone, not on the HomePod itself right now.

Enjoying good German beer 🍺

Is it worrying or comforting that the 2018 MacBook Pro is not included in the keyboard service program?

This is going to be a great weekend!

There it is! #SiriShortcuts

In less then 24 hours 10 members of the European Parliament decide on the fate of the free internet.

Art 11 and 13 would implement a link tax and upload filters for user created content. Now is your best chance to call them and change their mind.

The HomePod launched in Germany today. But it isn’t even shown on the German Apple homepage – Unlike even the Apple TV 4K.

Apple really doesn’t seem to confident in the HomePod.

Preparing for the ⚽️ game. 🇩🇪

I was just watching the Siri Shortcuts session from WWDC and it feels like Apple is just gonna kill third party watch apps instead of improving watchKit.

Both notifications and Siri shortcuts can show a custom UI even without an installed watch app.

Siro shortcuts are probably the most interesting addition in iOS 12. Can’t wait to try them out in September. Shortcuts: A New Vision for Siri and iOS Automation – MacStories

It was an intense week at #WWDC this year. I met so many great people and learned a lot. But I will still need a lot of time to let it all sink, watch some of the sessions I missed and find some time to play around with new APIs.

What are you most excited about?

Really looking forward to Panic! at the Disco at the #WWDC #bash tomorrow.

What better way to start off the day then standing in line. I don’t know why but I need one of those WWDC T-Shirts.

Finally have some time to recap. Thanks again to @ctm, @dougbeal, @joakimkemeny, @apulianas @jeffwatkins, @hartIco and all the others from the meetup. It was geat meeting you all.

Had a great day. At the WWDC conference, the Music on the plaza event as well as the meetup today.

There is so much going on, might be time to write down all my thoughts in a blog post 🤔

The iOS 12 betas are incredible smooth both on my iPhone 8 and on my 9.7 iPad Pro.

I was not bold enough to install the macOS beta and from what I was seeing at the conference that is a good thing.

After the State of the Union I am really looking forward to ARKit 2. Installing the Xcode Beta right now. 3D object scanning and recongition as well as shared experiences open up a lot of new possibilites.

We visited Steve Jobs Theater yesterday and have perfect seats for the keynote now. WWDC is great so far!

Apple announced special Apple Watch Acitivity Challenges for WWDC attendees.

Individuals who earn 200 points or more during the challenge will receive a reward