WWDC schedule is up. Only 1 ARKit session announced so far, I really hope they will talk about some new APIs during the keyboard. Object tracking would be awesome!

Baking some muffins with my girlfriend.

Thanks to GDPR, WhatsApp now shares personal data with Facebook, ignoring German court rulings.

Has anyone in the EU tried to object against the data sharing yet?

Federico Viticci over at macstories.net wrote a great story about his path to a healthier lifestyle. It is a great read I can highly recommend. jl-siewert.de

I am currently not very productive at home. So it is time to try something new!

Less then 2 weeks until WWDC. Can you tell I am excited? So excited I actually wrote my very first blog post on jl-siewert.de (it turned out way to long…).

What do you hope to see this year?

The new podcadt player in Castro 3 looks great.

I am using Castro primarly because of the Inbox feature for the last couple of month and really like it, but I am still conflicted about the subscription model.

Just two weeks until WWDC…

I am still not sure what to expact from the actual conference, but I am looking forward to meet great people there.

On our Sunday bicycle tour…

I have way to much fun building and customizing a website.

Still can’t believe I am going to WWDC…

TIL the Setapp subscription includes not only acess to Ullysses on the Mac but on iOS as well. This makes it a no-brainer for the educational discount at 5$/month.

The hardest step when setting up a personal blog is deciding what you want to write about…

A quick hello to the world of micro.blog!