Looking through the possibilities of ARKit 1.5. I can’t get my hands on a new iPad Pro soon enough!

You really notice that a lot of people are at home and don’t have much to do. The local park was packed with runners as well as people walking and laying on the lawn.

At least it’s still spring.

A blooming cherry tree

COVID-19 enforced home-office, day two.

MacBook Pro and iPad Pro on a home office desk

So I thought I’d share my top five tips how I try to get the very most out of my day-to-day work as a remote

“Working remotely | Swift by Sundell”

Some nice tips for all of us who might need to work remote, soon.

What is your favorite, subscription or not, photo editor on iPhone?

I don’t really want to bring my iPad on my next trip.

We had a great day at Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands, yesterday. I hope to share some more pictures in the next days.

Mangrove at Burgers Uoo, Arnhem, Netherlands

Wuppertal Vohwinkel.

Flowers in Wuppertal, Germany, with view on the Schewebebahn in the background.

Zur Lesung. Frank Goosen – “Kein Wunder”

Book cover of Frank Goosen's 'Förster, mein Förster' in front of a reading pult.

After nearly canceling my Arcade subscription I found Grindstone which comes close to What the Golf?.

What are some of your favorites?

I continue to be impressed with low light performance of my phone camera.

Light installation at Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany

Zeche Zollverein – Essen, Germany. 42F045A4-035B-4384-A60A-5AFE16D0AD05.jpg

Visiting Darmstadt for the Autodesk Forge DevCon and Autodesk University Germany!

Darmstadt Centralstation

I just setup my iMac at work from scratch on Catalina. What could possibly go wrong?

“Building blocks for Augmented Reality - Newsportal - Ruhr-University Bochum”

It is nice to be featured on your universities homepage.

I just answered my first “support” E-Mail for one of my blog posts. That feels… interesting.

“How the spread of child abuse imagery online is changing the debate over encryption - The Verge”

Even though I don’t agree with all points presented an interesting read on encryption in social media.

I am keen to try Apple Arcade but I don’t have any controllers for my TV. I am definitely not buying a PS4 or Xbox Controller.

I might just wait until Apple adds support for the Switch Pro Controller 🤔

I think it is time to switch task managers.

Although the weather isn’t great, interrupting the lazy Sunday for a short run felt great.

What is worse: the fact that iOS 13 begs you to please by Apple Care+ on the main settings page or that the message isn’t even localized?

You screwed up if German public media advises to wait and not update to iOS 13.

I am glad I usually don’t visit Disneyland after dark. Otherwise this would almost make me upgrade my phone, again.