It’s the hope that kills you.

It’s the hope that kills you.

Oh no, I broke my!

Sometimes, even 2-trillion company does something right. And, whatever their motives, it’s okay to acknowledge that.
New App Store commissions are great for those who benefit from it, but it won’t - and shouldn’t - be enough to face off the antitrust cases.

I enjoy going by train. In fact we don’t even own a car anymore. But thinking about all the creative ways people wear their masks alone makes me stay at home as much as possible.

In memory of better times.

A flower in Grugapark

I am really enjoying Microblogvember so far.

Posting each day is a nice challenge.

The good thing about rainy Sundays is that you don’t feel bad for spending the day on the couch.

Wandering down along closed restaurants on bars on a Saturday night still feels spooky. Emptiness where there should be joy and life.

Let’s at least hope that the partial lockdown helps!

Pizza time!

Our kitchen is prepared for baking pizza

Backups are in place, I guess it’s Big Sur time!

I’ve been wearing my Apple Watch to sleep for a couple of weeks now but honestly I don’t know why. The alarm is nice and subtle, but that’s the opposite of what I usually need in the morning. And the sleep data feels kinda‚Ķ pointless.

I’d say I just opened my first public GitHub issue. That was a long time coming.

The M1 Macs look like nice improvements. I am curious for some real-life experiences in the coming weeks.

Following the great news about Covid vaccines the first suggestions about who should receive it first were published: Doctors, nurses and the elderly.

Makes sense, but let’s see what will happen when the vaccine actually becomes available.

Time to dig into The Mandalorian Season 2 and our all favorite force baby.

Politicians use every horrible attacks to push through with their surveillance fetishes, like the most recent attempt to end end-to-end encryption in Europe. The attacker was of course well known to the police. But hey, never pass on such an opportunity.

There are no news like an EU encryption ban to get your blood boiling on a Monday morning.

Another Sunday, another bread.

Taste is great, texture is good, optics still have some potential. But we are getting there.

I am trying to bind myself to some more habits, building a more robust schedule. But some patterns are hard to overcome.

I don’t want to inflate hopes to much, but today was a good day for this world.

Biden takes the lead in PA. It is still puzzling why I can’t get my head away from election coverage. But hey, I take everything that keeps me away from blowing too much money at Apple preorders.

Looks like Apple finally got the Apple TV and HomePod integration right. Playing video always outputs to the HomePod but music doesn’t start the TV.