@vincent If only they used a framework that would allow them to easily port the App to iPad or maybe the Mac.

@manton I am back at the uncomment until it doesn't crash flow again in my SwiftUI-only app. Although the new additions should allow me to remove most of my workarounds this year.

@Burk I really like all those small changes. This little bit of polish was missed last year. The focus feature alone makes me consider updating my daily driver though.

@agilelisa Looks like we need to wait another year to properly use those M1 iPads.

@renevanbelzen I didn't want to complain. These are all welcome changes that were missed last year.

@jean Oh, my microblogaversary happens to be today! Three years of micro.blog.

This was a lot of effort to get working, especially in the constrained Swift Playgrounds App. But I learned a ton.
Big shootout to the contributors of Tokamak who already solved a lot of problems. Full source code and the Playground are available on GitHub.

@macgreg I was kinda hoping for a monitor that is not more expensive then all updated Macs combined.

@amit @bix I have the 11 Pro Max. While it is huge, it is still managable. However, the only time the size comes in handy are watching Photos and Videos. When reading text, I notice that my eyes are always fixed on part of the screen and I scroll by.

The only reason I would even consider the Max again are the (presumably massive) camera improvements. I don't think I'd made the Max-to-Mini jump, but I'd definelty consider the regular pro.

@jemostrom @odd
Thanks! I just noticed that I missed the a great wallpaper picture. The jellyfish in portrait would be perfect 🤔

@manton Allowing sideloading is needed to bring the iPad closer to "real computing". Just imaging the developer tools possible without Apples arbitary restrictions.


the new SE doesn’t support long-pressing notifications to act on them is that (a) it has the pre-X Touch ID user interface, and (b) doesn’t have 3D Touch

iPads with Touch ID do support Haptic Touch though. So that's probably just a mistake on Apples part.

@nonjo It's mostly from tomatoes, onions and carrots with some basil and spices. It's from Allos, a German manufacturer for organic and vegetarian food.

@hutaffe I sure hope so. Unfortunately the track record of our government regarding national security as well as digitalization isn't great.

I don't think a law requiring such an app (a centralized approach nonetheless) would stand in front of the Supreme Court though.

@hutaffe Well, the German Secretary of Health already said that he wants to make the app mandatory for "essential sectors". From there, it's a small step to "necessary for public transportation or shopping groceries".

@mistercharlie Using cables works, but it is still annoying that Bluetooth device switching is so difficult with the Keyboard and the Trackpad.

@mistercharlie Sharing a Magic Keyboard and Trackpad between Macs is all but magic unfortunately. I leave both of them plugged into my USB-C-Hub.

@sarcassem @Burk I ordered iPads and Keyboards two weeks ago through an Authorized Reseller. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on both.

@adamprocter I really liked the trial of Bookends but there is just to much collaboration going on that it would be worth it to use a completely separate tool.

I have Parallels running most of the time anyway (and a ridiculous amount of RAM).

@adamprocter Our university licensed Citavi as a reference tool. It can hold and organize PDFs, quotes and ideas. Unfortunately it's Windows only. Also it only really integrates with Word or TeX. Not really ideal, but at least it's the same software my colleagues use.

@adamprocter Are you using Ulysses exclusively for all your writing and research materials? That looks interesting. My research is currently all over the place, OmniFocus, Notes and my Bibliography Management System. I really need to look into alternatives.

@baldur Interesting. I haven't used PDF Expert for a while but that looks like a very useful tool

@baldur How many good, non-freemium mobile games are there left? As a user, it became incredible hard to find those. That's the main reason I'm still subscribed Apple Arcade. It gives me a whole section on the App Store with in-app-purchase-free apps, so I only need to find some good ones there.

@Stevsmit @sarcassem@jemostrom I have just seen Pixelmator's Sneek Peak. I really like Pixelmator Pro and Photo so I think I will just wait and see for the iPhone update. Thanks for the input!

@adamprocter It doesn't. All iCloud updates have been reverted during the beta cycle.

Still, wait at least until iOS 13.1 on Tuesday if you aren't getting any new hardware.