In response to concerns raised by a Guardian story last week over how recordings of Siri queries are used for quality control, Apple is suspending the program world wide.

Apple suspends Siri response grading in response to privacy concerns | TechCrunch

The only right thing to do, but a shame that they only acted after negative press.

“Intention to fine British Airways £183.39m under GDPR for data breach | ICO”

That’s 1.4 percent of their annual worldwide revenue.

Waffles and ice cream.

A lot of work,

but worth it!


Short break on our bicycle tour - Baristoteles, Bochum

Blueberry cake

Baristoteles cafe

Looking through the new and updated Frameworks only confirms that this is a massive year. Not only in the big areas but also the little things. CoreNFC can now read and write all kinds of NFC tags, which is awesome.

Time to catch up with the State of the Union!